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Surf In Barbados Surf School was established in 1995 and is currently the best surf school on the island. Surf In Barbados surf school is currently run by surfers teaching the art of surfing for over 20 years. Surf In Barbados offers its followers an online booking surf school, removing the middle man, saving you money without compromising our product.

Whether you are a complete beginner, never having surfed before, looking to get involved in the coolest of all extreme sports, or just couldn’t bring your magic surfboard with you, dont worry we have it covered. Come and learn to surf, rent a surfboard or take a surf tour With us at Surf in barbados Surf School. From a one day board rental, to a 5-day surf camp, when you arrive at either our high street outlet or our convenient beach facility situated 100 yards from the famous Brandons surf break, you will see the attention to detail, quality of our rentals and surf school equipment and you will immediately have peace of mind you are in the right place.

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Dread or Dead Surf School
Dread or Dead Surf School1 day ago
JUST ARRIVED @ dreadordead surf shop FCSII total 2018 selection. Quad ,thruster, five fin set ups .
Dread or Dead Surf School
Dread or Dead Surf School1 day ago
NEW ARRIVAL:FCS II FINS 2018 ! @dreadordead surf shop
1 week ago
Amazing Lady . Truly remarkable feat ;imagine we now have Trump and his cronies dismantling America on a daily basis .

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Raymond and Russell are over at Dover Beach teaching surfing on a Sunday. Epic session wave size 2-3 ft perfect for the beginner class. Sundays are mainly for the local children and parents however quite often a visitor's to the island also come along .surfinbarbados .com
Take a look at this man, with our local knowledge you can also surf the famous soup bowl. We can do this for you, our local surf tour guide will show you how to manage yourself in the toughest breaks in Barbados. Don't mess up give us a call on 246 826 6672, ask for Russell or Matthew.

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