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“SurfInBarbados Surf School” was established in 1995 as part of “Dread Or Dead” surf shop, the only core surf shop on the island. Run by surfers for surfers! Teaching the art of surfing for over 20 years. 2015 SurfInBarbados.com, online surf school, removing the middle man, saving you money without compromising our product.

Whether you are a complete beginner never having surfed before, looking to get involved in the coolest of all extreme sports or just couldn’t bring your magic surfboard with you. Come and learn to surf, rent a surfboard or take a surf tour With us at “Surfinbarbados Surf School”. From a one day board rental to a 5-day surf camp when you arrive at either our high street outlet or our convenient beach facility situated 100 yards from the famous Brandons surf break, you will see the attention to detail, quality of our rental and surf school equipment and you will immediately have peace of mind you are in the right place.

  • Barbados Longboarding

    Barbados Longboarding

  • Barbados Longboarding 2

    Barbados Longboarding 2

  • Barbados S.O.T.Y 2009

    Barbados S.O.T.Y 2009

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    Board Rentals

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    Brandons Surf Session

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    Chelsea and Wayne

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    Cool Surf Session

  • Dread or Dead Surf Shop

    Dread or Dead Surf Shop

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  • Girls surf lesson outing

    Girls surf lesson outing

  • Good day at Soup Bowl

    Good day at Soup Bowl

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    Good times in Barbados

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    Jay Surfing Brandons

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    Jet Ski Tow Action

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    Ladies Lessons

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    Matthew Goes Off

  • Russell and Matthew Surfing

    Russell and Matthew Surfing

  • Russell Surfing Brandons

    Russell Surfing Brandons

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  • Snake Surfing Brandons

    Snake Surfing Brandons

  • SURF BARBADOS:2014 Nationals,Barbados

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    Surf Chics

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    Surf School Barbados

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    Surfing Jan-May 2008

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    Surfing Lessons With Jay

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Surfinbarbados is without question the first and most experienced surf school in Barbados. Established in 1995 it was originally known as “Dread or Dead” surf school...

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There is a lot of surf schools out there and they are all promising you the same thing surfing success , fun, learning a skill . you the beginner surfer knows little or nothing about surfing so you are at the mercy of the instructor . So if you were being taught badly you would
This is how it all starts if you want to be a pro surfer , these little guys by the time they reach 14yrs have already been surfing 11 years . This is also a part of what we do at surfinbarbados surf school . This keeps our instructors on the cutting edge allowing them
Learning to surf in Barbados is simple , Just give us a call @ 246 826 6672 ask for Russell and he will do the rest . Just make the booking 10 am or 2 pm . we will take care of the rest . pick up , drop off, rashguards , real surfboards ,
Junior surf contest in England , Newquay , ripcurl grom search. Lights ,camera , action. Team surfer Axe Garrett with surf compeditors just before their heat. although the sun is out the water is still cold in the summer in the UK . Yes full wetsuits . In Barbados the surfers are lucky the water
surfers relaxing between heats : surf school Barbados
Its always nice to have a little get together after a surf , This picture was taken in Great Britian . Summer in Newquay 2015 , The juniors hanging out with local coach Nick Donnawa . Nick is always helping the juniors out both at home and abroard . surfinbarbados.com surf school . 20yrs teaching

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Office: (246) 228-4785
 Cell: (246) 826-SURF (7873)
 Cell: (246) 826-6672

Email: info@surfinbarbados.com

Address: Surfinbarbados Surf School, 2D Seamist, Seaside Drive, Atlantic Shores, Christ Church, Barbados.