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Surfinbarbados is without question the first and most experienced surf school in Barbados.
Established in 1995 it was originally known as “Dread or Dead” surf school. We were not at the time interested in huge commercial success as you can imagine the name “Dread Or Dead” struck the fear of God into most people. However, our approach to the sport of surfing, paying attention to peoples safety and enjoyment were paramount. The word of mouth reputation has kept a constant flow of students over the years. Our attitude still remains the same today. Only the surf school name has changed to SurfInbarbados as we find our success moving us into a faster more commercial world. 2015 Surfinbarbados.com, online surf school, removing the middle man, saving you money without compromising our product.

Dread Or Dead, founded by Russel Garrett, was soon after joined by Matthew Kidd, fellow surfer. Both competitive contest surfers at the time needed money to pursue the sport they love, surfing. Yes we have the trophies and have represented Barbados on various occasions in the fields of surfing, wind surfing and water skiing. We are here for you, totally dedicated to teaching you the art of surfing. Giving you the knowledge we have picked up over the past 40 years of surfing. Matthew and Russell are still active free surfers and continue to train our team riders who are currently making waves of their own in competition surfing both at home and internationally. Axe and Tie 13 and 10 years old respectively, our own in-house proteges.

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Surfinbarbados is without question the first and most experienced surf school in Barbados. Established in 1995 it was originally known as “Dread or Dead” surf school...

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@surfinbarbados we are committed 100% to our beginner surf school program designed to bring local and international children into the sport of surfing . we have taught children as young as 5 years  old . once they are confident swimmers . our usual age limit  for beginner children is 7-10 years . just give us
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Instructor Seb is doing a great job with our Beginner surf lessons , often going way beyond to make sure  every one is Happy and having a great time .Seb has been with us for a year now and it seems he has been here from the beginning . Yep Seb is a part of
Well the summer is slowly coming to an end and its been quite strong or should i say consistent . We have met loads of new friends and reacquainted ourselves with many old friends from the past years in some cases we are now teaching our former students children how to surf . This is

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Office: (246) 228-4785
 Cell: (246) 826-SURF (7873)
 Cell: (246) 826-6672

Email: info@surfinbarbados.com

Address: Surfinbarbados Surf School, 2D Seamist, Seaside Drive, Atlantic Shores, Christ Church, Barbados.