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If you have never surfed before and are keen to try this exhilarating sport, a surfing lesson with a “Surf In Barbados Surf School” instructor is the perfect way to start. This will allow you to progress quickly and safely.

At “Surf In Barbados Surf School” we offer surf lessons to beginners who have never tried surfing before and to those intermediate who have tried it before and seek expert advice and instruction to take their surfing to the next level. Those aspiring to become an advanced level surfer, looking to improve their technique and perform like the pro’s, are welcome to a lesson too! Although we have 3 locations in Barbados (Hastings Main Road, Brandons Beach and Atlantic Shores), we are also mobile, taking you to the best and most suitable waves on the island, ensuring you get the best possible wave conditions on the day, guaranteeing your fun and safety.

“Surf In Barbados Surf School” has tailored 3 surf-school options for you to choose from: Our “Up and riding” beginner surf-lesson offers 2 1/2 hours water time, with an instructor in the water helping you to progress quickly and safely. Price $50 USD per person all transport included. The “Zero-to-hero” 3 -day surf camp is $100 USD per person, meet at the shop. Last but not least, the “Surf on your own” 5-day surf camp, $150 USD per person, meet at the shop. All lessons run approx. 2 1/2 hours and are always supervised by the head instructors Russell or Matthew. Photos of your surfing experience are provided free; GoPro or Olympus water camera.  


1. “Up and riding” beginner surf-lesson ($50 USD per person)
2. “Zero-to-hero” 3 -day surf camp ($100 USD per person)
3. “Surf on your own” 5-day surf camp ($150 USD per person)

First lesson’s will include approximately 5-10 minutes of beach instruction (demonstration, surf instruction, surf etiquette and safety) followed by approximately 2 1/2 hours of water time depending upon the individuals stamina. Or “Until you stand up or give up!” (original words of Matthew Kidd – instructor). Over the years we have realized that surfing is best taught on the water, so less talk and more water time. Short beach demo and the rest is taught in the water.Students can continue to use the surfboard after the lesson for the balance of the day if required. This offer is available at the beach shop only. At all of our surfing experiences we provide rash guards, water and energy bars. All you need to bring is a towel and sunblock.

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Surfinbarbados is without question the first and most experienced surf school in Barbados. Established in 1995 it was originally known as “Dread or Dead” surf school...

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Address: Surfinbarbados Surf School, 2D Seamist, Seaside Drive, Atlantic Shores, Christ Church, Barbados.